Urja Potato Special



A Special mixture of micronutrients for potato crop that can be applied as foliar spray as well as soil application.


  • Overcomes all deficiency of trace elements in potato crops.
  • Increases the absorption and utilization of other nutrients from soil.
  • Imparts disease resistance to crop.
  • Stimulates proper development of potato and increases size of the potato and reduces variation in size.
  • Produces high quality of Potato with higher yield.

Dosage: Dissolve 500gm of Urja Potato Special powder in 200 liters of water and spray over the plants. First spray 25 to 40 days after sowing or transplantation and do Second spray 25 days after first spray done. Urja Potato special can be applied mixing with other soil application at the time of sowing.

Packing Available: 500gm


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